Our coil feeding line in customer’s workshop

Following pictures are HongEr’s coil feeding line working in our customer’s workshop. For more detail information, pls contact us direct: amanda@he-machine.com

GLK2-800 decoiler straightener feeder with SEYI progressive stamping press.jpg

Sheet metal handling system GLK2-800 decoiling leveling feeding machine with SEYI progressive stamping press, for metal coil width 800mm, strip thickness 0.3-3.2mm.

GLK2-400 decoiler straightener feeder with press machine.jpg

3 in 1 Servo Straightener Feeder w/Uncoiler GLK2-500 running in our customer's factory for Electric appliance parts stamping, for coil width 500mm, thickness 0.3-3.2mm.


Coil feeding line decoiler straightener feeder GLK2-400 used for customer's new progressive stamping line for sheet metal coil width 400mm, strip thickness 0.3-3.2mm

Decoielr straightener feeder machine 3 in 1 (2).jpg

Customized press feeding equipment GLK2-400G decoiler straightener feeder 3 in 1 machine working in customer’s press room, for coil width 400mm, thickness 0.3-3.2mm.

GLK2-600 Compact coil handling system Uncoiler Straightener Feeder.jpg

Compact decoiler straightener feeder GLK2-600 Uncoiler Straightener Feeder machine for sheet metal stamping line coil feeding, for width 600mm, thickness 0.3-3.2mm.

decoiler straightener feeder machine.JPG

Decoiler straightener feeder GLK2-600 coil handling system used in sheet metal stamping line, suitable for coil width from 50mm to 600mm, strip thickness 0.3-3.2mm.

GLK2-500 coil feeding line.jpg

Combined coil handling system uncoiling leveling feeding oiling unit GLK2-500 working with AIDA press machine, for coil width 500mm, strip thickness 0.3-3.2mm.