DBMT-F Double-ended Coil Reel

Double-ended coil reel or we say double uncoiler machine is a type of metal coil handling equipment that has two mandrels in the opposite direction, it can switch different mandrels side automatically.

A metal coil can be changed in one mandrel side while the opposite side mandrel is in uncoiling operation. Double end stock reel is suitable for metal coil processing application that needs quick coil change.

double decoiler.png
  • Hydraulic expansion coil reel mandrel

  • Delta inverter for variable speed control

  • Pneumatic hold down arm for optional

  • Different loading capacity according to specific coil handling process requirements

  • Stable construction with welded steel

  • Different uncoiling speed for optional:

    • 16m/min uncoiling speed for general metal stamping

    • 60m/min uncoiling speed for high-speed laminating stamping line

Contact us now to find a suitable coil handling configuration for your application.

Double-ended coil reel Applications