What is a good uncoiler? Why your coil reels are different? How many types of uncoiler machines do you manufacture?

Uncoilers, also know as decoiler, stock reels or coil reels, is a coil handling equipment for in sheet metal forming industry. It uncoils the metal strip from a metal coil, and feed the strip to the next work station in a sheet metal processing line, such as coil straighteners, press feeders, etc.

Depends on different industry application, an uncoiler machine can be applied in metal stamping lines, laser cutting lines, roll forming lines or cut to length lines, etc, which make it be widely used in machinery, automotive, electrical appliance, construction industries.

A spindle is a critical component for an uncoiler/coil reel structure, it has two functions, one is expanded to the desired size to support and hold on the metal coil, another one is driving the steel coil to rotate. A quality uncoiler spindle should have very good load-bearing performance and with fatigue resistance.

An expansion movement of the uncoiler spindle is finished in three ways, manual expansion, pneumatic expansion, and hydraulic expansion.

The manual expansion is suitable for light-duty metal coils, there is a removable handle on the mandrel center, rotating the handle can push the support rod for spindle expansion.As for the hydraulic uncoiler, the support rod is pushed by a hydraulic cylinder for a smooth expansion. which makes it perfectly suitable for medium duty and heavy duty metal coils. When the uncoiler spindle is rotating, the hydraulic cylinder on the spindle will rotate together. One end of the pipeline is connected to the hydraulic cylinder, and the other end is connected to the hydraulic station.

There’re two methods for a spindle rotating, one is positive way, driven by the uncoiler motor, another one is passive way driven by the next coil processing station, such as coil straighteners or press feeders. That why we have motorized uncoilers and non-motorized uncoilers, also know as pull-off type uncoilers.

Different uncoilers are used for different metal coil processing, a single end coil reel is suitable for most of the sheet metal stamping line. As for the high speed laminating stamping line, a double-end coil reel is a must have for quick metal coil changes. And HongEr is the first manufacturer in China which can supply quadruple uncoiler machine. Quadruple uncoiler is perfect for uncoiling various kinds of material coil processed in one production line.

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