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This is a washing machine parts stamping line from one of our customers which use coil feeding line with a shearing unit.

After the metal coil has been uncoiled, straightened, and fed, a customized hydraulic shearing unit will be used for sheet blanking. After that, a robotic arm picks sheet up to the next station, which will save the cost of a blanking press.

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This coil feeding line can process sheet metal thickness from 0.5mm to 4.5mm, and coil width up to 1300mm. With quality designed anti-fatigue and wear resistance spindle, the uncoiler can load metal coil up to 7 tons. Thanks to the pneumatic hold-down arm, pneumatic limiting arm and pneumatic coil inlet swing arm, the metal coil will be well located without strip rebound or swing.

7pcs of straightening rolls are made by high-quality GCr15 steel, and there are also 3 groups of auxiliary support rollers to achieve a precision levelling and avoid coil bending. The metal coil will be lubricated after coming out from the feeding part, then a shearing/cutting unit driven by a hydraulic power will process a smoothly blanking.

Washing machine parts stamping line video:

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