Heavy duty uncoiler machine with coil car delivery to Europe

Machine in following photos is an uncoiler which will be delivered to Europe after assembly and inspection. This heavy-duty uncoiler can process coil weight up to 10tons, sheet metal width up to 1000mm.

heavy duty coil reel.jpg
heavy duty uncoiler.jpg

Uncoiler spindle is a critically important part of an uncoiler machine.

During the uncoiling operation, the contact position of the bearing with the spindle changes with the continuous rotation of the spindle. However, due to the influence of the weight of the sheet on the vertical downward force of the spindle, the reaction force of the bearing on the spindle can be used as a periodic alternating load.

When the spindle is subjected to a long-term cyclic alternating load, it will cause fatigue damage or even fracture at the load. Therefore, the uncoiler spindle with good bearing performance and fatigue resistance is very important in a sheet metal processing line.

According to the traditional design experience, increasing the size of the spindle can improve its bearing capacity and the fatigue phenomenon, but an excessive size tends to reduce the material usage rate and increase production cost. HongEr introduced a reasonable design method to determine the size of the uncoiler spindle several years ago, which can improve the performance of the spindle without wasting material.

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