Decoiler straightener feeder with coil protective film collection

This is a specially designed fully automatic coil handling equipment with coil protective film collection device, it can uncoiling, leveling, feeding and lubricating the sheet metal strip for stamping line.

Decoiler straightener feeder with coil protective film collection2.png

Decoiler mandrel is the hydraulic expansion, with expansion range 480 mm to 520 mm, loading capacity 5000kgs.


Equipped with a pneumatic pressing arm, the coil can be well knit without dispersing.

LIMITING ARM_Decoiler straightener feeder.png

Motorized limiting arm can keep the coil in the right position, avoid strip dislocation.

Decoiler straightener feeder film colect.png

Automatic rewinder to collect coil protective film during coil uncoiling

FILM COLLECTION_Decoiler straightener feeder.png

Supporting arm with auxiliary rolls to guarantee coil smooth uncoiling

inlet rolls_Decoiler straightener feeder.png
COIL INLET1_Decoiler straightener feeder.jpg

Coil inlet support with swing arm can help metal strip enter into straightening part easily.

Decoiler straightener feeder.png

Pneumatic cylinder for straightening rolls pressure and release

oiling unit.png

11pcs GCr15 rolls for high precision straightening and feeding


With automatic lubricating control, the wool felt roll can lubricate both sides of the metal strip without any oil spill. Oil tank capacity 20L.


  • Coil Width: 50-400mm

  • Strip Thickness: 0.3-3.2mm

  • Coil Weight: 5000kgs

  • Coil I.D.: 508mm

  • Coil O.D.: 1400mm

  • Feeding Speed: 16m/min

  • Feeding Direction: From left to right

  • Automatic straightening value adjustment

  • Automatic feeding line height adjustment

  • Equipped Press Machine: SEYI SLS2-200

decoiler part_Decoiler straightener feeder.png

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