New equipment Servo Straightener Feeder With Double Decoiler GLK2-D

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This is a decoiler straightener feeder with high automation that improves work efficiency.

The double decoiler can help change the coil convenient and swift. A simple panel operation can make coil material loading and strip loop formation automatically.

A wide range of coil specifications can be handled by this coil feeding line, including coil width from 50mm to 400mm, strip thickness from 0.3mm to 3.2mm.

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This model is designed for coil outside diameter up to 1200mm.

A strip is drawn off the coil from the bottom. The coil can be well-knit thanks to a pneumatic pressing arm which can prevent strip disperse.

4 pcs of "A type frames" can locate the strip, avoid coil shuffling.

Hydraulic coil loading car is optional for different production requirements.

Strips mounted on the decoiler will be threaded up to the straightener inlet until a loop shape is formed, and this achieves a shorter setup time.

All the straightening rolls we use is GCr15, hardness reaches HRC 58-62, through 100% quality inspection.

Air pressure helps the straightening-feeder improving ease-of-maintenance and performance.

The straightener feeder has a Mitsubishi PLC (programmable logic controller) that provides versatility and meet the requirements from different production.

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And there is also hydraulic shearing unit, automatic lubricating machine for optional.

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