Uncoilers/Levelers/Coil Feeders

Double ended coil reel for a quick coil change application

double-ended coil reel.JPG

Double ended coil reel, or say twin decoiler machine is an ideal choice for the sheet metal processing needs a quick coil change. When the one uncoiler spindle is working, the other one can set up with a new coil, which achieves a non-stop metal coil processing line.

This double-ended coil reel has heavy duty weld steel base for a stable structure. The spindle expansion is a hydraulic type, with loading capacity 3tons per side. Pneumatic hold-down arms on each side can prevent the metal strips springing back. Delta inverter achieves AC variable speed control, and a variable speed loop control helps a smooth strip feeding to straightener machine.

This double-ended coil reel can process metal coil width in 200mm, with uncoiling speed 16m/min. HongEr also offers double-ended coil reel in 60m/min uncoiling speed. Contact us for more details.

Detail shots of double ended coil reel in operation:

Coil handling machines GL RNC to Indonesia for sheet metal stamping

This is one of HongEr coil feeding line to Indonesia, with Combined Decoiler Straightener machine GL-300 and NC Servo Roll Feeder Machine RNC-300

Stamping Operations:


Decoiler Straightener Machine

Model: GL-300, Coil Width 300mm, Strip Thickness 0.3-3.2mm

The combined structure of GL series guarantee a synchronization between decoiler and straightener and save work space.

With pneumatic pressure on straightener roller and worm gear adjusting, it can achieve a precision straightening performance for many different kinds of sheet metal coil. 


NC Servo Feeder Machine

Model: RNC-300, Strip Width 300mm, Steel Thickness 0.3-3.2mm

RNC is one type of HongEr SERVO FEEDER with pneumatic release.It can feeds sheet metal coil material thickness up to 6.0mm, with max. feeding speed 20m/min. Thanks to Yaskawa servo system and Mitsubishi PLC, it can ensure +/-0.01mm feeding precision.

Sheet Metal Parts


Project Service

HongEr is always happy to provide our customer turnkey solutions for sheet metal stamping project. As our equipment are running in 50+ countries, our engineers are able to service all around the world. For more details, pls feel free to contact us.

Heavy duty uncoiler machine with coil car delivery to Europe

Machine in following photos is an uncoiler which will be delivered to Europe after assembly and inspection. This heavy-duty uncoiler can process coil weight up to 10tons, sheet metal width up to 1000mm.

heavy duty coil reel.jpg
heavy duty uncoiler.jpg

Uncoiler spindle is a critically important part of an uncoiler machine.

During the uncoiling operation, the contact position of the bearing with the spindle changes with the continuous rotation of the spindle. However, due to the influence of the weight of the sheet on the vertical downward force of the spindle, the reaction force of the bearing on the spindle can be used as a periodic alternating load.

When the spindle is subjected to a long-term cyclic alternating load, it will cause fatigue damage or even fracture at the load. Therefore, the uncoiler spindle with good bearing performance and fatigue resistance is very important in a sheet metal processing line.

According to the traditional design experience, increasing the size of the spindle can improve its bearing capacity and the fatigue phenomenon, but an excessive size tends to reduce the material usage rate and increase production cost. HongEr introduced a reasonable design method to determine the size of the uncoiler spindle several years ago, which can improve the performance of the spindle without wasting material.

For more details about uncoiling optimization technology, contact us directly.

Customized hydraulic uncoiler machine to Germany

This is a hydraulic uncoiler machine which was customized to one of our customer in Germany.

The customer's coil inner diameter is small, so we have to change the standard mandrel expansion range to 300mm-470mm. It can uncoiling coil width up to 400 mm, sheet metal strip thickness 0.3-3.2 mm. This decoiler machine has equipped with Delta frequency inverter, and uncoiling speed can reach 30m/min.

decoiler hydraulic cylinder

decoiler hydraulic cylinder.jpg

decoiler electric cabinet

decoiler Electric cabinet.jpg

Hydraulic Decoiler Video

This uncoiler has been tested by TUV, contact us to get the full Technical Report for your reference.

HongEr always provides customized coil handling equipment to meet customer specific needs in the metal stamping industry.

For more details, please feel free to contact us.

Servo roll feeder machine for Komatsu gap frame servo press

servo roll feeder with Komatsu servo press machine.jpg

This is a servo roll feeder for Komatsu gap frame servo press H1F 200.

servo roll feeder.jpg

This model RNC-300 can feed sheet metal coil width up to 300mm, strip thickness from 0.2mm to 3.2mm.

This servo feeder has one pneumatic cylinder for roll s releasing, equipped with quality GCr15 feed rolls. Combined Yaskawa servo system and Mitsubishi PLC, it can feed sheet metal coil in accuracy 0.1mm, with feeding speed 20m per min.

Combined modular design, high-quality components, and precision assembly, our servo roll feeders are dependable and versatile for a wide range of sheet metal stamping application.

Contact us for more details.