Our Coil Handling Equipment Quality

Our coil handling equipment has an extremely low fault rate which guarantees our good reputation in this industry.

Raw material and spare parts inspection

The quality of raw materials&spare parts have the most direct impact on the quality and service life of coil handling equipment. Since its establishment, HongEr has consistently implemented a 100% incoming quality control. For example, each straightening rollers have been tested by QC department to ensure a radial runout of <0.01mm and a hardness standard in HRC 60±2 degrees. 

In-Process Quality Control

Inspection during production is often a easily overlooked part in the machinery manufacturing, but it directly affects production efficiency and product quality. We have engineers who specialize in in-process inspections and patrol inspections to ensure assembly is carried out in accordance with standard procedures.

Finished product quality inspection

A series of standard tests are required to ensure the stable operation of equipment before delivery of our coil handling equipment. The inspection process varies according to the structure or the control system of each equipment.

Follow-up maintenance

Regular maintenance of coil handling equipment is very important to extend the service life of the machine and improve the efficiency of use. Our technical service team provides regular maintenance, our customers can agree on the terms of maintenance when purchasing the equipment or contact us at any time later.