Research & Development of Coil Handling

High Strength Steel Coil Handling

Under the rapid development of the automobile industry, the demand for high-strength steel stamping is also rising rapidly.

HongEr research and development capabilities enable our coil handling equipment to easily handle variety types of high-strength steel metal coil processing, providing unique mechanical structure design according to different materials and production demands. Our servo coil feeding line can process high strength steel thickness up to 9.0mm and width up to 1800mm.

Customization coil handling solution

Each metal stamped product has its own manufacturing process, which leads to different coil handling equipment for different production lines. From small stamping plants to large manufacturing groups, the requirements for the equipment are not the same.

From servo feeder to large-scale coil feeding lines, our technical team can always provide the most suitable solution according to the actual production situation of the customer.

Continuous innovation

HongEr keeps learning from the world leading company in coil handling technology field. After years of accumulated technical experience, our engineers are at the forefront of domestic coil handling equipment development, but the pace of innovation has never stopped.

In large scare electric motor lamination stamping industry, we're the first Chinese coil handling equipment manufacturer that supply servo feeding line in 60m/min feeding speed. We also made the first quadruple uncoiler machine in China for quick coil change application. Contact us to know more.