Uncoilers/Coil Reels

From light duty uncoiler with manual expansion, medium duty uncoiler 1-5ton, and also heavy duty uncoiler with loading capacity 7-10tons, HongEr manufactures various types of uncoiler machines, also known as coil reels.

hydraulic decoiler.png

Decoiler Machine/Coil Reel

double decoiler.png

Double-ended Coil Reel

Heavy duty decoiler.jpg

Heavy Duty Coil Reel/Uncoiler

A single uncoiler can handle most uncoil process in sheet metal stamping lines. As for the double-ended coil reel, it is perfect for the metal processing application which needs quick coil change, such as electric motor lamination stamping, etc. For some metal processing which needs different kinds of material coils in one production line, a quadruple uncoiler will be a maximum efficiency choice. We’re the first Chinese coil handling equipment manufacturer which can supply quadruple uncoiler.

Different metal processing line have different metal coils and handling demands, HongEr provides options for customer’s choice:

  • Uncoiler spindle manual expansion or hydraulic expansion spindle

  • Optional pneumatic coil hold-down arm for springy metal coil materials

  • A.C. fixed speed or A.C.variable speed drive systems

  • Antenna type loop sensor, contact type sensor, or photoelectric sensors

Depends on different application, an uncoiler machine can be configured into metal stamping lines, laser cutting lines, roll forming lines or cut-to-length lines, etc, which makes it be widely used in machinery, automotive, electrical appliance, construction industries.

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